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Everything you need to know about China sourcing agent

China sourcing agents are individuals or companies that specialize in helping companies find the best products to import from China. More and more companies are turning to them because they can provide expertise in dealing with all the different Chinese suppliers, China factories, and other middlemen in the supply chain. This article will go into detail about Who are They? How do They work? How do They charge?

What is a sourcing agent or sourcing company?

A China sourcing agent will do everything like:

  1. Conducting market research.
  2. Finding potential Chinese suppliers to meet.
  3. Negotiating prices and terms of sale.
  4. Handling quality control checks.
  5. Handling shipping arrangements.
  6. Arranging customs clearance procedures such as customs brokerage.
  7. Customs clearance and documentation requirements.

The reliable sourcing agent will also take care of all logistics such as arranging transportation (from the factory to port), obtaining export permits, preparing loading lists and rail car/truck/container pickup instructions, obtaining China shelf registration certificates. Who needs a China sourcing agent? 

Any company involved in the import/export industry can benefit from the services of a good china purchasing agent.

However, it is essential to note that they are most useful for a trading company that wants to do large volume orders or for products that require more complex manufacturing and packaging requirements (e.g., electronics).

China sourcing agent can assisting overseas shoppers entering new product lines. Because reliable sourcing agents already have established relationships with suppliers and factories specializing in specific categories, so they can help find the best china suppliers faster than starting from scratch or doing it themselves.

Why do you need a China purchasing agent?

Do you want to know why you need a Chinese sourcing agent when importing from China? They help you find the best products and can be your friend in China.

It is best to use one if you are not fluent in Chinese. With the best china sourcing company, they will find things for you that are hard to find or might not be on your list of needed things.

There are many benefits like: 

1) They help find the best products from China for you 

2) You don’t need to speak in person with sellers because they will talk on your behalf and translate for you, saving time 

3) You don’t need to do the research yourself because they do it instead 

4) They can help find things that are hard to find or might not be on your list of needed things. It means less stress for you!

5) You save money because they take a commission from the sale of your product.

Who needs a sourcing agent/company?

If you are a first-time importer or your trade company’s first trip to China, you should use a china sourcing agency. If you don’t speak fluent Chinese and need help communicating with sellers, this would also be helpful.

Chinese sourcing companies can also improve communication between the seller and yourself because they translate for both of you.

They also know the culture and customs of China. If you do not speak fluent Chinese, then it is helpful to have a sourcing agent China who speaks your language because they can help with translations when needed.

Those who have no experience in importing:

First-time foreign buyers don’t know where to start, and sourcing companies can help them find China factories and competitive prices.

It will cut down on the number of times you have to fly out there, saving a lot of money! It also helps first-time exporters avoid costly mistakes because they take care of all the details for you.

Chinese sourcing agents can also help you find the best products for your business, saving valuable time that you would otherwise spend researching.

They will do this because they have a network of factories and suppliers familiar with their company’s requirements. It means fewer headaches for you!

Those who have multiple product categories to handle :

If you have many products to handle, then using a sourcing company is ideal. It will free up your time so you can focus on business operations or other important things.

You won’t need to spend hours researching different suppliers and factories because they do it for you! The right supplier could make all the difference between success and failure in an e-commerce business. It will pay off in the long run.

Large retailers, supermarkets, and e-commerce companies:

Large retail chains and supermarkets usually buy in bulk, which means they need to find a large number of suppliers. It can be not easy if you don’t know where to start or reach new potential customers.

It will save them time and help them expand into different markets because the right sourcing company has an extensive supplier network. They can find the suppliers you need, while also saving time and money for themselves!

Sourcing companies are also helpful for e-commerce businesses because they have the right suppliers to help you. Instead of sourcing every item yourself, you get all these products through one Chinese sourcing company. It takes so much time off your hands!

When you use a sourcing company, they will help find China suppliers for you. They are incredibly convenient because they do all the work in finding suppliers and negotiating prices on your behalf.

Once an agreement is met between you and the supplier, the China agents take their commission from that sale to cover research costs. It means that they work for a percentage of the total sale, and you only pay when it is shipped. It saves both time and money!

Those who deal with special product categories

Some products are harsh to source on your own. They need unique materials, or the supplier needs specific equipment for production (such as factory space). If you use a sourcing company, then these difficulties won’t be an issue anymore!

They have connections with other companies that will help them find suppliers and negotiate prices. You can rest easy knowing that China sourcing agents will find the right factory.

Sourcing companies can also help with products made from unique materials such as carbon fiber, which is difficult to source for obvious reasons.

They work directly with manufacturers and suppliers who make these items, so you don’t have to worry about it! It saves a lot of time, money, and energy.

What are the primary services offered by the sourcing agent/company?

Sourcing companies will help you find the best suppliers in China for your product. They have connections with many factories so they can source your products efficiently and at a low cost to you!

Once an agreement is met between parties, customers only pay when they are shipped out of China. It means that both time and money are saved! This service is highly convenient and advantageous.

Sourcing companies offer assistance with your product research and supplier verification, which means that you don’t have to do the work on your own.

They will also negotiate prices for you so that no unnecessary costs or fees are added to your order: everything can be worked out beforehand!

Furthermore, sourcing companies work with many different suppliers to find the right factory for your products. It saves you both time and money!

Find China suppliers

The first step in the process is finding potential suppliers. Sourcing companies will find several different options for you to choose which factory works best based on your budget, timeline, and needs.

The right Chinese supplier could make all the difference between success and failure in an e-commerce business! It will pay off in the long run.

What is the process for finding suppliers?

The sourcing company will first find several potential suppliers that you can get to know and decide whether to work with them. They do this by searching through their extensive supplier network to find suitable options for your business needs.

Afterward, they verify these factories and then negotiate prices on your behalf so that there are no unnecessary costs or fees added to your order. Sourcing companies have connections with many different suppliers so that they can find the best option for you!

Once an agreement is made between supplier and buyer, customers only pay when their order ships out of China. It means that both time and money are saved on ordering from overseas factories. It’s a win-win situation.

How long does the process take?

The entire sourcing process takes between one to three months, depending on your needs and requirements and what you are trying to source for yourself.

Finding suppliers can be difficult due to language barriers, so it is best not to rush this part!

Sourcing companies have connections with many different suppliers so that they can find the right factory for you!

Once an agreement is made between supplier and buyer, customers only pay when their order ships out of China.

It means that both time and money are saved on ordering from overseas factories. It’s a win-win situation.

Is there any risk?

There isn’t any risk associated with using a sourcing company because they have connections with many different suppliers and factories.

They know how to find the right supplier for you to manufacture your products quickly and efficiently!

It ensures success in an ever-competitive marketplace where only the best survive.

Tracking production, checking quality, and arranging delivery

The sourcing company will help you track your product from start to finish to monitor the manufacturing process. They also have connections with many different suppliers and factories in China, which is essential because they know how to find the best factory for your products!

Once an agreement is made between supplier and buyer, customers only pay when their order ships out of China. It means that both time and money are saved on ordering from overseas factories. It’s a win-win situation!

Quality control is essential throughout the entire sourcing process because it ensures success in an ever-competitive marketplace where only the best survive.

Sourcing companies have connections with many different suppliers to find you one that works best for your business. It saves you time and money!

Once an agreement is made between supplier and buyer, customers only pay when their order ships out of China. It means that both time and money are saved on ordering from overseas factories. It’s a win-win situation!

Delivery times vary depending on the products being manufactured. Sourcing companies have connections with many different suppliers, so they can find you one that works best for your business. It saves time and money!

Other services

In addition to the mainstream services mentioned above, some sizeable professional sourcing companies also offer private label solutions, including but not limited to the following aspects:

– Product sourcing and development

– Product packaging and design

– Product decoration, such as printing or embroidery

– Product custom labeling

– A variety of different product quality control measures, such as factory audits and QC checks

– Shipping and logistics domestically in China

– Warehousing services to store your products, accessible storage for a certain amount of time

– Logistics from the factory directly to Amazon FBA warehouses around the world 

To ensure success in an ever-competitive marketplace where only the best survive, you must choose a sourcing company with connections with many suppliers.

Sourcing companies have connections with many different suppliers to find you one that works best for your business. It saves time and money!

How Does Zero Sourcing the Best Sourcing Agent in China Help You Import from China?

As a professional China sourcing agent, Zero Sourcing provides a range of China global sourcing solutions to help you find the best suppliers in China so that your products can be manufactured quickly and efficiently.

By using a professional company, such as Zero Sourcing, they will save you time and money!

Save your time from searching suppliers. Zero Sourcing has connections with many different factories and suppliers so that they can find the best supplier for you! Save money by using a sourcing company that has connections to get the lowest possible price on orders.

Our sourcing services includes:

Product sourcing, price quotation;

Price and MOQ negotiation;

Product samples, customization;

Import/export, compliance consultation;

Production process follow-up;

Customized products and packaging, private label solutions;

Re-packing, bundling, and labeling

General Quality Inspections;

Free warehouse;

Logistics and shipping support;

General Quality Inspection;

One-on-one inspection;

Hire laborers in China;

Accompanying translation;

Logistics/shipping directly to Amazon FBA warehouse.

How much does the China sourcing agents/company charge?

Do you know this is an exciting question-how does a sourcing agent charge? Generally, there are three ways they charge:

  • A fixed salary per project or a specific period
  • No additional fee but gain from the price difference
  • A percentage service fee based on the product’s value

A fixed salary per project or a specific period

The first type of fee is a fixed salary per project or a specific period. It’s like the agent works as an hourly wage, and they get paid for every hour spent Sourcing on your behalf. It can be high if it takes them too much time to find suitable suppliers; otherwise, it will be cheaper than the other two possibilities. The choice depends on your needs and budget.

No additional charge, but gain from the price difference

The second type of fee is no additional fee, but they gain from the price difference. They charge a certain percentage of your order amount, and you save on every dollar when sourcing in China! It’s like an ordinary buyer who benefits if he can get cheap goods for his business.

However, you should know that they will get more profit if the order cost is higher than the average market price.

Otherwise, it may not be worth their time to do Sourcing for your business because of lower commission payback even though some costs are spent on initial research before negotiations with suppliers.

Percentage service fee based on the value of the product

The third type is a percentage service fee based on the value of products you order from them, and they charge a certain amount per unit price.

It’s like earning some revenue share for every penny saved while sourcing in China! Sometimes it can be more profitable if you want to buy large quantities.

The choice depends on your needs and budget.

You choose the best option depending on the different costs you have! At last, it’s up to you which type of fee they charge because many factors affect the cost, such as market condition or fluctuation, product types, packing requirements, etc.

Just make sure you know their fee system before you start sourcing.

Where to find china purchasing agents/companies for different types of business?

Don’t know where to find a Chinese sourcing company online? Here are 3 places for how to find one.


The simplest way is to Google “purchasing agent” and add the industry of your product. For example, if you are looking for a purchasing agent who can help with fashion accessories sourcing in China, just use these keywords: Purchasing Agent + Fashion Accessories + China. You will find some agents listed on the first page results.

However, there are many other industries in the market, so if your industry is not displayed on the first page results or you don’t find anyone suitable for Sourcing at this time, try next.

Upwork / Fiverr

It is a freelancing website. You can find many purchasing agents on this site who are qualified and cost-effective, but you will need to pay for their service by task or hour. So before hiring one, make sure what tasks they have done in the past and check feedback from other employers if possible.

For example, if you are looking for a purchasing agent who can help with apparel sourcing in China, just use these keywords: Purchasing Agent + Apparel Sourcing + China. You will find some agents listed on the first page results.

If you need their support for an urgent task or project and it’s difficult to hire someone new temporarily through freelancing websites, you can try the last one.


It’s a great place to find sourcing agents if your business is in an industry with exhibitions or frequently trade shows such as fashion accessories and jewelry.

You can visit those fairs, speak with their managers directly and ask them to recommend reliable purchasing agents who specialize in specific product categories.

For example, if you want to urgently find a sourcing agent for fashion accessories in China and the next trade show is going on now, go there as soon as possible!

They can offer you some suggestions or even provide their contact information immediately after speaking with them because it’s another business opportunity for those agents at this time.

In conclusion, there are some different options available for finding good sourcing agents/companies.

Before deciding which one you want to work with, though, be sure that they have experience working in your industry and can give references from past clients who have done business with them before.

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How to find the right China sourcing agent?

Here are 8 points to identify a suitable and reliable best sourcing agent in China:

Professional product and industry knowledge

Good sourcing agents should have a professional product and industry knowledge. They need to know the market well, understand your needs and expectations, and work towards achieving them.

So they will be able to help you find a suitable supplier for your products instead of simply sending you long lists of random suppliers who may or may not meet your requirements.

A good sourcing agent should be well-versed in the rules and regulations of your industry. They will ensure that all business transactions are carried out according to standard practices to avoid unwanted legal hassles later on.

Very familiar with Chinese wholesale market

With their knowledge of many years in international trade, they can negotiate with suppliers to get you high-quality products at a reasonable price without sacrificing the other important factors like safety compliance or time to market for your needs.

They know how much the product should cost given its specifications and how much profit the supplier should make.

They also know what China sourcing agents can trust suppliers in the Chinese market, especially Yiwu wholesale market and which ones are unreliable. They will only work with trustworthy suppliers who deliver on time, offer good quality products, and have a reliable after-sales service if needed.

Suppose you want to sell your product online. In that case, a professional purchasing agent may even help increase its perceived value by providing you with professionally shot images or help design your product packaging.

supply chain integration ability

They have a good understanding of how the supply chain works in general and can integrate your order with other orders so that the supplier only needs to produce one complete batch for all of them.

It will save you from paying a higher unit price per product and allow suppliers to allocate more resources into producing goods faster without sacrificing quality.

In addition, they also know the industry-standard payment terms and can help you set up a proper pricing structure that is within your budget.

They will look for suppliers who offer low prices and those who offer reasonable prices with good quality services after the sale to ensure your satisfaction.

Professional knowledge and experience in import and export

The best sourcing agent in China must know the legality and paperwork related to import and export. They are knowledgeable about various rules for importing or exporting goods, so they can quickly find out whether or not it is possible to import your desired products at all.

They also know how to prepare all necessary export clearance documents so that you can ship your goods across any country without any hassle. It will save you time on the paperwork and make sure that there are no delays in shipping.

Good communication skills

Good sourcing agents can communicate in written form (email) and verbal form (phone call) effectively in English or your preferred language.

It is essential to avoid misunderstandings during business transactions like orders that get lost or suppliers that do not send goods on time.

It’s also helpful when there are problems with your products–they can contact the supplier on behalf of the buyer to resolve the issue.

Have a transparent and legal process

China based sourcing agent are good at making sure all business transactions run smoothly behind the scenes. They collect money from your end, pay for goods on their own and make payments to suppliers without taking too much of a cut in profit margin. It is essential to use them as an agent for purchasing expensive items like real estate or gold bullion.

The process should be transparent enough so that you can track where your money goes, whether it’s for paying the supplier or getting things done in customs. When there are disputes, it is also important–you will have evidence of their work to show which side they are on.

They make sure all business dealings are legal by ensuring that suppliers follow all rules and regulations in place. They will stay on top of new policies that may affect their business, like the rise to minimum wage or stricter environmental protection laws.

chain supply management without any rebates

Reliable sourcing agents will not give you any rebates–they make money from the margin they take out of your order. It means that suppliers have to offer a low enough price to keep their profit, and thus there is no reason for you as a buyer to pay more than needed.

It also prevents corruption scandals like those uncovered at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., where some suppliers were accused of giving out illegal rebates to obtain contracts.

They will not give any discounts either, even when you order in bulk or have a long-term relationship with them. While this may cause problems for buyers who need the price lowered urgently, it is actually in your favor as a buyer who wants to make sure that suppliers do not give out discounts at the expense of quality.

quality after-sales service

Reputable sourcing agent will help you find out what went wrong with your shipment if something goes wrong–they have connections in the right places to get a hold of high-quality products.

They also make sure that money is refunded or goods are replaced without too much difficulty on both ends, and there’s a quick turnaround time for any replacement items.

They will not give you any excuses for faults in their services or your products if something goes wrong–they take responsibility instead of trying to find loopholes.

It is helpful when there are problems like shipments getting stuck at customs or supplier delays since they do not finger at anyone else but themselves.

They also make sure that suppliers compensate them adequately for any loss in revenue when they take responsibility.

China Sourcing Agent FAQ

What is the purpose of sourcing agents in China?

A China sourcing agent is a third party who negotiates prices between buyers and suppliers. They are also responsible for your products’ quality, ensuring that they meet standards set by both parties to prevent disputes or hold-ups in business transactions.

They have connections with other professionals like lawyers and customs officials, which are helpful when you need help resolving an issue.

A good China sourcing agent also ensures that all business dealings are legal and transparent, so it is easier for you to track where your money goes and how it is being used.

They manage the whole supply chain from start to finish–this includes receiving orders on behalf of buyers, taking care of payments, paying suppliers according to agreed-upon terms, and finalizing orders.

They also make sure that all aspects of the business are compliant with local laws like those for minimum wage or environmental protection policies. Their goal is to offer a low enough price so suppliers can still turn a profit while meeting your needs as much as possible.

How long does it take to source from China?

The time it takes to source from China depends on the supplier and your order. You can get samples in a few weeks, but full production may take months depending on how big the order is and whether or not there are any problems with quality control during mass production.

For very large orders that require pre-production meetings between suppliers and buyers, it can take up to six months before shipments are sent out.

For most products, however, you will have your shipment within three to five weeks since most suppliers do not charge for samples that are shipped separately from the rest of the order.

What kind of products can a sourcing agent help to source?

Your sourcing any can help you to access any products which are produced in China. Known for its manufacturing industry, China is a world leader in producing goods. American retailers who manufacture goods overseas have some of their production done in China.

Thicker than some other countries, some products which are made in China are more durable and cost-effective for consumers.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) a sourcing agent in China can process?

Different agents have different MOQs, but anything up to 3 cartons is the usual threshold. If you only need one item for your business or personal use and do not plan on making a profit off of it, then an agent can still help you source them at lower costs.

Most agents can handle larger orders if you need more than the usual MOQ, but expect higher prices since they will have to pay suppliers for extra products.

What should I look out for in finding a sourcing agent?

Your sourcing agent should have experience with your industry, so they can work out the best possible price for you. They also need to be registered and licensed by any local authorities in China which govern their area of business.

They must clearly outline payment methods for suppliers–including paying them directly or through a third party like an escrow service that holds money in between transactions.

They also need to be willing to provide you with all the documents related to your order, including copies of receipts or invoices for payments made and photos of materials used during production. Their goal is transparent business dealings so that both parties are satisfied with their work.

What kind of services do China sourcing agents offer?

China sourcing agents offer a variety of services. They can help you to track your order from start to finish, including making sure that all aspects are compliant with local laws and regulations and helping resolve any disputes or hold-ups in business transactions.

They also take care of payments on behalf of the buyer so they do not have to worry about dealing with Chinese banks or financial institutions. In addition, they communicate directly with suppliers on your behalf to negotiate the best possible price for you.

What is a China sourcing agent's hourly rate?

Hourly rates vary from one agency to another and depend on their location in China, but expect it to cost between $15-$30 per hour.

What is a China sourcing agent's success rate?

On average, agents have an 80% success rate when it comes to finding suppliers and negotiating deals on your behalf. They can also help you access products which are hard for the general public to get their hands on like luxury items or limited edition pieces that may not be available anymore in stores.


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