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About zero sourcing

Who we are

Professional China sourcing agent, best China sourcing company. We can give you the best sourcing service, help you import products from China. 

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Why we are

9 years of China sourcing experience so that can help you find factories for the best price, confirm and follow-up orders, quality control, and finally shipping to you.

Where we are

We are located in Yiwu, near Yiwu International Trade City. We can guide you to sourcing in the Yiwu market, help you find the most suitable factory for you.

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How it starts

Whether you want to wholesale from Yiwu, or sourcing product from China, even customized products, just contact us, your agent will help you.

One-Stop China Sourcing Agent Service


Product sourcing and manufacturing


Product Customization


Import from China Consulting

Quality Inspection

Product Quality Inspection


The large warehouse for free

loading and shipping (1)

Product loading and shipping to you


Get the best price from China supplier.


Production Follow up, On-time delivery


Packaging and labels customization


Product photography to check the quality

Product Inspection

Inspection Report to check the quality


Customized product and packaging design

One-Stop service

Why We Are
The Best

We are the professional China sourcing agent, we can help you buy wholesale directly from the factory and give you the best price.

We guide you to yiwu wholesale market, find the suitable China manufacturers and factories, get the best price.

We guide you to canton fair,  find the best China manufacturers and factories, translate and sourcing for you.

Professional China sourcing agent will one-on-one service for you, they can help you all about buying wholesale from China and make you easier.

The charge of service commission is low to 3%,but the our sourcing experience is over 100%.

We take product quality seriously for our clients. For free inspection, we check a higher percentage than 3rd party inspection companies. In addition, we offer a full review to reduce the defect rate to 0. But other sourcing companies won’t.


require a quotes

STEP 1: Require A Quote


STEP 2: Products Sourcing

Confirm order

STEP 3: Confirm Orders


STEP 6: Loading and Shipping

quality inspection

STEP 5: Quality Inspection


STEP 4: Arrange Production

Customers reviews

Zero Sourcing is the best China sourcing company. I have been cooperating with them for 3 years, and their sourcing service makes me very satisfied, they help me buying wholesale from China easier.
Adam Sendler
They can always help me find the products I want and give me the best price. I just need to confirm the order with them for the products I want to buy, and they can help me handle the rest, such as QC, shipping, etc.
Mila Kunis
Sales Manager
I have compared many Chinese sourcing suppliers, Zero Sourcing makes me most satisfied. They can provide me products with high-quality and the cheapest prices. Cooperating with them makes my job easier.
Mike Stuart


Phone: +86 18218015293
Room 515, Huijing Building B, 1091 Gongren North Road, Yiwu, China
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